What is CrunchPoint?

CrunchPoint is a business simulation game. Initial designed in 2011 at Bournemouth University to help students fully engage with their business studies qualifications it has since been further developed and fine-tuned to be a highly effective simulation activity for professional managers and staff at all levels to use across business and industry. It has been now been played by managers  at varying levels of seniority, and used in varying guises at clients such as Sunseeker and JP Morgan

CrunchPoint and the Reality Business

We saw this game in action as part of a Level 7 Accredited Programme that we were delivering and were so impressed that we have secured exclusive rights to the product as a UK based management training company.

How it differs from other business simulation games

Many simulation games out there in the market operate from a simplistic viewpoint. “Players” are typically asked to choose answers from lists of alternatives, these are keyed in by the game facilitator and pre-determined answers result. CrunchPoint doesn’t work like that. There are no set answers to choose from – players have to really come up with ideas and solutions that they submit and are then assessed by the game facilitator against a bank of “best practice” answers. The proximity, or lack of proximity, of their suggestions to these best practice answers are what feeds the platform the resultant impact is generated from. The “best practice” bank has been built up over extensive playing of the game by many professional managers and each time it is played there is an opportunity for that bank to extend and thus the game is self-perpetuating in terms of its development.

How can it be used?

The game works really well as a stand-alone intervention or as part of a larger workshop or programme:-

  • ½ day – intro, game and de-brief
  • 1 day – workshop on strategic and operational decision prioritisation and decision making with game in the middle to act as a catalyst to thinking
  • Either of above but part of a wider management development programme
  • ½ -1 day – Team Building event with competition
  • As the group exercise within the context of an assessment centre to observe leadership, team work, commercial awareness and decision making competencies

What are the benefits from playing it?

  • Builds commercial awareness
  • Decision choices mirror those from reality
  • Creates a friendly yet competitive environment
  • It’s very enjoyable and very different!

Request Game Info

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