Use A.I.D. for better feedback

In my most recent top tip I talked about using different types of questions to ‘funnel’ the conversation and how to ensure the manager does less of the talking and more of the listening. I also mentioned a great tool that makes the actual delivery of the feedback (the difficult bit) so much easier. It is called AID and it works like this.

A = Action.

Describe the action that you have observed.

I = Impact.

Explain the impact that the above action has had.

D = Do.

Suggest what the person should do differently in future.

Simple Elements

The beauty of AID is that the A element keeps the feedback factual and specific as opposed to personal. There is a world of difference between “I noticed this morning that you interrupted Mr Jones twice” and “You were rude to Mr Jones”. The I element is important as it focuses on outcomes. For example “Mr Jones is a key customer and we cannot afford to lose his business”. Finally the D element is the bit that makes the feedback positive as it demonstrates that you are trying to help the individual improve.

Next time you have a difficult conversation try the AID approach. I think it will help.